Hey kids,

Its been awhile since I did anything with this site, but it is my goal to eventually start adding more content to the site, such as more blogs, archives of past episodes of The Rikki Roxx Effect (yes, even the ones from the TapDetroit era, which need a gabble gawd of editing). But I thought I would give you all an update since we are about 17 episodes into the RawRadioX era.

Our numbers have been increasing marginally since we moved to the new network, from the point where we were getting maybe two dozen listeners a week, til now where we are regularly in the high double digits. We got to this point through creative marketing, promotion, and good old word of mouth, and we have you, the fans to thank. We are not only growing in Detroit, but also across the country and Europe.

I have been ultra blessed to have two of the best co hosts I could ever ask for in Kenn Flowers and #####, they bring a phenomenal dynamic to the show that we have been missing since Episode #1, and I am thankful that they come in every week to help me entertain you all. I could not do it without them, ##### is my second in command, my right hand woman, while Kenn has grown to be one of my very good friends, and for that I am blessed.

There are a lot of very positive things on the horizon for The Rikki Roxx Effect, we are still growing, we are still trying to perfect our crafts and make this show as fluid and as fun as possible. We are here to not only bring you the best in local, underground music (with a touch of the mainstream), but we also strive to provide you with something to talk about in the morning, and something MORE than just good music.

Thank you all, the best has yet to cum.

~ Rikki